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At Sito Chiropractic, we provide the exceptional chiropractic experience. We help our clients reach their true health potential and peak performance level. We assist you in making and achieving your personal health goals. And we do it all with compassion, keeping in mind your individual needs and comfort.


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Have you made goals for your health? Are you looking for overall wellness or merely symptomatic relief? Are you looking for a family-oriented doctor you can trust to help you improve your quality of life? Would you like to do it without "breaking the bank?" Then welcome to our website... You've made the right choice.

Here we'll give you information about how you can make and achieve your personal health goals. We've included tips and back solutions, answered common questions, and shared current research so you'll be a better educated client.

The doctors and staff at Sito Chiropractic are passionate about spreading the message of chiropractic and its effects on lifelong wellness to everyone in our community.

We now accept Health Care Payment Solutions and Care Credit patient payment plans. Ask us for more information.

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Read what our clients say...

"I am a healthcare professional who was a non-believer in alternative healing eight weeks ago. I suffered from backaches and migraine headaches at least two times a week. After seeing Dr. Heer and receiving treatment for eight weeks, I am headache and backache free, without the use of medication."

"I owe my gratitude to Dr. Heer and his staff for their encouragement and support." -KEW R.N.

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