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Chiropractic's Destiny -- or is it?

An idea whose time has come. A concept that is spreading throughout the entire population of a country or even the whole planet. The "Hundred Monkeys" concept (when more than a certain percentage of a population accepts and adopts an idea, it will inevitably spread throughout the whole population). It is absolutely impossible to stop an idea whose time has come… truth can only be suppressed for a comparatively short period of time before it forges to the forefront of life. This has been demonstrated again and again over the many thousands of years of human history. And now the concept of wholistic, natural, self-healing has come forth to benefit all of humanity.

The concept of "God within", an Innate Intelligence within us all that is capable of healing any and all diseases and dis-eases known to mankind, given no interference, is here now. The "Above Down Inside Out" concept is a major part of it, that healing comes from within us and not from outside of us through drugs or surgery. "The power that made the body can heal the body" concept is also prominent within this idea. Drugs and surgery are slowly being relegated to their rightful place in our lives, as an effective means of First-Aid, but not to be used for Healing. It's coming and no one can stop it, the only question that remains is what group (profession) will lead its surge into the new millennium.

Wilmington Chiropractor | Chiropractic's Destiny -- or is it?. Dr. Ashly Smith is a Wilmington Chiropractor.