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Lance Armstrong - Behind Every Great Champion


It would seem as though the whole world knows the story of Lance Armstrong. An American dream, Lance came back from a battle with cancer to win the Tour de France. Now he has won it again, a confirmation that he can indeed beat all challengers.

In the words of Lance Armstrong:

"They say that once you win the tour de France, you've done it all in cycling. If I thought that way, I never would have won it for a second time. Some believe that if they could win the tour, they'd by happy. I've got a lot more to be happy about than that. Kristin. Luke. My health."

The health of Lance Armstrong has been highlighted on every major news network, it has been discussed in magazines and newspapers all over the globe.

When visiting Lance's homepage, we are reminded of Lance's cancer diagnosis. Lance had an aggressive form of Testicular Cancer and the cancer had spread to both his lungs and brain. It was considered life-threatening.

The media pulled at our heart strings, a national and world champion cyclist, survives a battle with cancer, and wins the 1999 Tour de France, and now the 2000 TDF as well, and the story ends there. Or does it?

Enter Jeff Spencer, D.C.

From Nike.com

"Jeff Spencer is a soft-spoken man with a firm handshake. He's solidly built, bright-faced, and eager to talk about his role on Lance's team. On paper, Jeff is billed as the team's chiropractor, but talking to him reveals there is much more to what he does for Lance than just keeping his spine straight."

According to the article, "Jeff has been working with Lance since January of 1999, helping him to keep his body together for the harsh demands of the Tour de France. After last year's Tour de France, Lance said that he could not have won without Jeff's help. With Lance approaching his second victory, the same thing might well be true." (We now know that it is.)

And what does Dr. Jeff Spencer have to say about Lance's chiropractic care?
As you'll read on Nike.com, "We only do what's necessary," Jeff says. "No less. No more."

According to the article, "the two share a partnership in the maintenance of Lance's body and they also share an unspoken language, which allows them to efficiently assess and decide what Lance's body needs during the varying demands of Tour riding."

What may be news to many who are not aware of the wonders of chiropractic, is just another day in your life of miracles. Thanks for taking care of our athletes.

UPDATE: Sunday, July 29th, 2001

Lance Armstrong has won his third straight Tour de France title becoming the only American to ever do so.

MSNBC reported, "Armstrong's ride to victory was smooth from start to finish" and some said that Lance was "untouchable." Bonnie DeSimone of the Chicago Tribune called the high-altitude stages "backbreaking." Good thing for the non-backbreaking touch of chiropractor, Jeff Spencer.

For the past three years, Dr. Jeff Spencer has provided on-site chiropractic care and support, helping Lance Armstrong win the 1999, 2000, and 2001 Tour de France races.

Dr. Jeff Spencer is no stranger to the sport. He is former champion cyclist who competed on the 1972 United States Olympic Team as a sprint cyclist and he serves as chiropractor for the United States Postal Service Professional Cycling Team.

UPDATE: Sunday, July 28, 2002


For the fourth consecutive year, Lance Armstrong has powered his way to victory at the Tour de France. Jeff Spencer, Lance's personal chiropractor, reported:

"Lance remains bullet proof. Not one iota of concern about him."

"Not even the smallest issue to deal with other than to remain vigilant about our twice a day schedule to discharge stress from the system to promote recovery and prep the body for each stage."

"That's the type of proactive stance that it takes."

Dr. Jeff Spencer, Chiropractor for U.S. Team

Dr. Heer's Comments:

Many celebrities and professional athletes utilize chiropractic care as an integral part of their healthcare regimen. Not only do they get to "fine tune" their performance, but they also ensure optimal health by maintaining proper spinal alignment. These people can spend their money on the absolute finest healthcare available -- that's why they choose chiropractic!

Behind every great champion is a chiropractor!


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